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Graduation Requirements

Degree Summary 

Each student should request a degree summary (an updated degree plan) from the Advising Center during the semester prior to the semester in which he/she expects to graduate.

Application For Graduation 

Students must make an application to graduate in the Advising Center during the first month of the semester in which they expect to graduate (September for Fall, January for Spring, or June for Summer). 

50% Requirements

At least 50% of the semester hours in business required for the College's various degree programs must be earned in residence at Texas State University. 

Other Degree Requirements 

Students must complete at least 120 semester hours and satisfy all course requirements specified on their degree outline, (including General Studies, foreign language, and writing intensive course requirements) and achieve minimum grade point averages. 


For More Information 

Click HERE for graduation requirements and consult with your academic advisor if you have any questions.