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Graduate Degree Program (MSMRA)

Master of Science in Marketing Research and Analysis

The Master of Science in Marketing Research and Analysis (MSMRA) program is a flexible, part-time program designed to provide students with the skills to conduct marketing research and use marketing analytics, but most importantly, to make the connection to marketing practice. Compared to the MBA program, which offers a broad-based business education, the MSMRA is a specialized program focusing exclusively on the major aspects of marketing research and data analysis.


The MSMRA curriculum has been designed to respond to the needs of employers. Effective organizations are making decisions based on facts and these facts are gleaned from analysis of incoming data. More and more organizations are using marketing analytics and digital marketing to accomplish these goals. There is a need for marketing professionals who can interpret and relate data to marketing decisions as well as make marketing decisions in an increasingly digital marketplace.


The graduates of this program will leave with many marketable skills including the technology-related skills used in digital marketing communications and marketing analytics that employers desire. As well, they will be able to conduct data analysis and further interpret that data to drive marketing strategies. Texas State will be developing business professionals who will fill the industry gap for people with analytical skills that can connect with the marketing side.


MSMRA courses are offered in an evening format at the San Marcos campus. The program provides a high degree of flexibility in order to accommodate working professionals. Also, there is a thesis option.

Admissions Policy


Admission to the MSMRA program at Texas State University is highly competitive. The application process is designed to identify applicants who have the characteristics to excel within the rigors of the marketing profession. The admissions committee will assess all aspects of an applicant’s professional and academic backgrounds. The committee looks for applicants with strong academic performance throughout their undergraduate careers and competitive scores on GMAT (or GRE) exam.

An undergraduate degree in marketing or related discipline is preferred. Knowledge of business functions (marketing, management, finance, accounting, CIS/MIS) through previous coursework and/or work experience should be demonstrated.

The committee also considers important qualitative elements such as the applicants’ written essays, relevant work experience, extracurricular and community activities, honors and achievements, and letters of recommendation.


The McCoy Master of Science in Marketing Research and Analysis (MSMRA) is a 30-hour graduate program consisting of 24-hours of core courses and 6-hours of electives.

Required Core Courses (24 hours)
BA 5352: Developing the Financial Perspective of the Firm
MKT 5321: Marketing Management
MKT 5322: Marketing Research Methods
MKT 5323: Qualitative Research in Marketing
MKT 5340: Digital Marketing
MKT 5345: Marketing Analytics
MKT 5350: Strategic Marketing Analysis and Planning
QMST 5334: Statistical Methods for Business
Graduate Electives: Select 2 courses (6 hours) from the following. (Students in Thesis Option must select 6 hours of thesis coursework)
ACC 5361: Accounting Analysis for Managerial Decision Making
CIS 5355: Database Management Systems
CIS 5358: IT Systems Project Management
CIS 5360: E-commerce: Strategies, Technologies, and Applications
CIS 5370: Enterprise Resource Planning
FIN 5387: Managerial Finance
MC 5308: Seminar in Advertising and Public Relations
MGT 5310: Organizational Change Management
MGT 5311: Process Improvement Management in Organizations
MGT 5321: Supply Chain Management
MGT 5325: Managing Business Creativity
MKT 5330: International Marketing (MC)
MKT 5331: Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT 5335: Services Marketing
MKT 5395: Independent Study in Marketing
MKT 5398: Internship in Marketing
PSY 5321: Multivariate Statistics
QMST 5335: Forecasting and Simulation
QMST 5336: Analytics
QMST 5343: Data Mining
MKT 5399A Thesis (Only for students enrolled in Thesis Option)
MKT 5x99B Thesis (Only for students enrolled in Thesis Option – repeatable for credit)