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MS in Marketing Research & Analysis

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Master of Science in Marketing Research and Analysis program is a flexible, part-time program designed to provide students with the skills to conduct marketing research and use marketing analytics, but most importantly, to make the connection to marketing practice. The MSMRA is a specialized program focusing exclusively on the major aspects of marketing research and data analysis.

The curriculum has been designed to respond to the needs of employers. Effective organizations are making decisions based on facts, and these facts are gleaned from analysis of incoming data. More and more organizations are using marketing analytics and digital marketing to accomplish these goals. There is a need for marketing professionals who can interpret and relate data to marketing decisions as well as make marketing decisions in an increasingly digital marketplace.

The graduates of this program will leave with many marketable skills including the technology-related skills used in digital marketing communications and marketing analytics that employers desire. They also will be able to conduct data analysis and further interpret that data to drive marketing strategies. Texas State will be developing business professionals who will fill the industry gap for people with analytical skills that can connect with the marketing side.

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  • Degree Concentration Hours Thesis Option Minor Option


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  • MKT 5321 Marketing Management

    A study of the planning and coordination of marketing functions, marketing policies, and the analysis of marketing administration.

    MKT 5322 Marketing Research Methods

    An advanced study of the marketing research process to include problem formulation, determination of sources of information and research design, design of data collection forms, design of the sample, collection of the data, analysis and interpretation of the data, preparation of the research report, and oral presentation of the research findings.

    MKT 5323 Qualitative Research in Marketing

    This course examines qualitative methods as used in marketing and market research. Topics include the design and execution of qualitative research projects using various qualitative methodological approaches. Activities include application of qualitative methods for conducting research. Students will apply learning in a qualitative research project.

    MKT 5325 Global Marketing and the Value Chain

    To understand the value chain concept and the linkages between value chains in the global marketplace. This will include evaluating the various value chains: supplier, firm, channel, and buyer in the global context. Topics will include procurement, operations, logistics, negotiation, marketing channels, and customer service.

    MKT 5330 International Marketing

    An application of marketing concepts to the global business environment. Examines marketing in the light of international economic, social, cultural, business, and environmental factors.

    MKT 5331 Integrated Marketing Communications

    An analysis of consumer behavior in the marketplace and its application to the preparation and presentation of a complete integrated marketing communications plan for a local, regional, and/or national client. 

    MKT 5335 Services Marketing

    Services dominate the U.S. economy and are becoming critical for competitive advantage in companies across the globe and in all industry sectors. This course examines the foundations of services marketing, which are necessary to create, promise, and deliver a successful, interactive customer experience.

    MKT 5340 Digital Marketing

    This course examines marketing strategies in the digital environment. It examines the latest technology and analytical tools used in e-marketing and e-commerce, including online advertising, mobile marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing, and web analytics. 

    MKT 5345 Marketing Analytics

    This course is a study of the scientific approach that connects customer data and competitive information to drive marketing decision-making. The course explores customer data analysis techniques and their theoretical foundations that are applied to real world business problems. Students will learn software, conduct data analysis and communicate the results. Prerequisite: MKT 5321 and QMST 5334 both with grades of "C" or better or instructor approval.

    MKT 5350 Strategic Marketing Analysis and Planning

    This course examines strategic marketing decision making through the analysis and interpretation of marketing intelligence, metrics, and dashboards. Topics will include data-driven decision making on marketing challenges pertaining to customers, brands, marketing mix decisions, online strategy and social media, market performance, and firm profitability. Prerequisite: MKT 5322 with a grade of "C" or better.

    MKT 5395 Independent Study in Marketing

    Individual problems or topics will be designed and completed to emphasize selected areas of study in Marketing. Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

    MKT 5397E Social Media Marketing

    A conceptual foundation and practical approach for developing a social media marketing plan will be presented. Students will gain hands-on experience using social media strategically to achieve desired marketing goals through hands-on projects. Students will also earn applicable certifications, which will provide tangible evidence of the skills acquired in this course. 

    MKT 5397F Contemporary Topics in Marketing Analysis: Market Analysis, Geospatial Analysis & Growth Hacking

    This course covers contemporary topics and analytical tools in marketing analysis. Students will learn (1) concepts and methods in market analysis, (2) analytical and mapping tools in geospatial data and information, and (3) concepts and methods in growth hacking. Prerequisite: MKT 5321 and QMST 5334 both with a grades of “C” or better or instructor approval.

    MKT 5398 Internship in Marketing

    Internship in marketing is an external employer supervised, experiential learning course that enables a student to integrate professional and graduate business coursework. Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

    MKT 5399A Thesis

    This course represents a student’s initial thesis enrollments. No thesis credit is awarded until student has completed the thesis in Marketing Research and Analysis.


    This program has a firm deadline, which means applications received after the posted deadline may be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, with no guarantees for admission consideration.


    Applications must be complete by the priority deadline to be considered for certain types of funding.


    This program reviews applications on a rolling basis.

    Deadlines U.S. Citizen International
    Fall - Priority January 15 January 15
    Fall - Standard* July 1 July 1
    Spring No Admission No Admission
    Summer I No Admission No Admission
    Summer II No Admission No Admission
  • Application

    Application Fee

    • $55 nonrefundable application fee
    • $90 nonrefundable application fee for applications with international credentials
    • Review important information about application fees.

    Transcripts & GPA

    • baccalaureate degree (preferably in business administration or a related field) from a regionally accredited university
    • a copy of an official transcript from each institution where course credit was granted
    • a competitive GPA in your last 60 hours of undergraduate course work (plus any completed graduate courses)
    • knowledge of business functions (management, marketing, finance, accounting, MIS) demonstrated through previous course work and/or work experience

    Review important information about transcripts. Official transcripts, sent directly from your institution, will be required if admission is granted. 

    GRE or GMAT Scores*

    • Official GRE (general test only) or GMAT required with competitive scores

    *Due to COVID-19 and testing center closures, GRE or GMAT not required for Fall 2020 applicants.

    Effective Spring 2021:

    • official GRE (general test only) or GMAT required with competitive scores

    *Due to COVID-19 and testing center closures, GRE or GMAT not required for Fall 2020 applicants.

    Review important information about official test scores.


    • responses to specific essay questions (two essays are required):
      • Why have you chosen to pursue a graduate business degree at Texas State University? What do you hope to accomplish during your time in the program?
      • Tell us about your three most significant accomplishments. Why do you view them as such? What lessons did you learn from them?
      • optional personal statement: In cover-letter format, you may address the admissions committee about anything related to your background, application, and/or desire to attend graduate school at Texas State University.
    • resume/CV detailing work experience, extracurricular and community activities, an honors and achievements
    • three letters of recommendation from persons best able to assess the student's ability to to succeed in graduate school
    • Review important information about documents.

    TOEFL or IELTS Scores

    Applicants are required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores that meet the minimum program requirements below unless they have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or the equivalent from a country on our exempt countries list.

    • official TOEFL iBT scores required with a 78 overall and minimum individual module scores of:
      • 19 listenting
      • 19 reading
      • 19 speaking
      • 18 writing
    • official IELTS (academic) scores required with a 6.5 overall and
      • minimum individual module scores of 6.0
    • This program does not offer admission if the scores above are not met.
    • Review important information about official test scores.


The required courses provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to be effective as a marketing professional in today's fast-paced, information-driven environment, which includes:

  • digital marketing
  • marketing analytics
  • marketing research methods
  • strategic marketing analysis and planning
  • marketing management

Career Perspectives

The MSMRA program provides graduates with marketable skills including the technology-related skills used in digital marketing communications and marketing analytics that employers desire. The program also prepares graduates to conduct data analysis and further interpret that data to drive marketing strategies.

Careers such as:

  • strategic data insights analyst
  • marketing director
  • marketing analytics manager
  • consumer insights manager
  • digital marketing analyst 

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