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Courses & Descriptions

The following is a list of required and elective courses for students majoring in marketing in Texas State's McCoy College of Business Administration. For further description of the courses and degree requirements, see the online catalog. To enroll in upper-division marketing courses, students must be admitted to the McCoy College of Business Administration, satisfy all prerequisites, have junior status, and be in good academic standing. 

Academic Catalog-Department of Marketing 

Undergraduate Classes

For course descriptions of undergraduate Marketing classes, please click HERE

MKT 3343  Principles of Marketing

MKT 3350  Consumer Behavior 

MKT 3355  Retailing

MKT 3358  Professional Selling

MKT 3360  Sales Management

MKT 3362  Studies in Free Enterprise

MKT 3365  Services Marketing

MKT 3370  Marketing Research 

MKT 3375  Social Marketing

MKT 3380  Sports Marketing

MKT 3385  Ethnic & Niche Marketing

MKT 3387  Technology & Marketing

MKT 4310 International Marketing (MC) 

MKT 4315 Service Design

MKT 4330 Promotional Strategy  

MKT 4337 Marketing Management (WI)

MKT 4393 Services Marketing Internship

MKT 4395 Independent Study (WI)

MKT 4396  Directed Study in Professional Sales

MKT 4397 Directed Study in Marketing 

MKT 4399 Marketing Internship

Graduate Classes 

For course descriptions of graduate Marketing classes, please click HERE.

MKT 5311 Current Developments in Marketing 

MKT 5321 Marketing Management 

MKT 5322 Marketing Research Methods 

MKT 5325  Global Marketing & Value Chain

MKT 5330 International Marketing (MC)

MKT 5331 Integrated Marketing Communications

MKT 5335  Services Marketing

MKT 5395  Independent Study in Marketing

MKT 5397  Special Topics in Marketing

MKT 5397A Sports Marketing

MKT 5397B Social Marketing

MKT 5397C Technology & Marketing