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Careers and Internships

The Nature of Marketing

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to satisfy customer and organizational goals. All types of companies, non-profit groups, government agencies, and other organizations use marketing strategies and activities to build strong customer relationships, uncover new business opportunities, develop, advertise and promote new products, and in general, grow a loyal customer base. 

Skills and Attributes of Successful Marketers

  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Willingness to lead
  • Effectively work in teams and communicate with diverse constituents
  • Employ critical thinking, creativity, and innovation for solving problems and reaching goals
  • Use of information technology to enhance productivity and effectiveness
  • High energy and perseverance
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure

Possible Career Paths  

The Department of Marketing is committed to the personal and professional development of students and encourages marketing majors to enhance their employment opportunities by focusing on learning and strong classroom achievement, participating in and leading student organizations, completing internships, and obtaining work experience while in college. 

Graduates of the Texas State marketing program become salespeople, marketing managers, advertising account managers, sales managers, entrepreneurs, retail buyers, customer service managers, marketing research directors, and other professionals and executives who take leading roles in business, the community, and society. For marketing majors, career opportunities exist in the following fields:

Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications -  Develop the advertising, promotion, and communications program for the organization

Brand or Product Management – Plan and coordinate all activities related to a brand or product’s success in the marketplace

Customer Service Management - Oversee the customer service operations. 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Manage the effective and efficient flow and distribution of products to customers

Marketing Research – Create knowledge about customers, competitors, market trends, site location, sales forecasts, and other marketing phenomenon

Non-profit and Social Marketing – Develop marketing programs for non-profit organizations, charitable groups, or government agencies

Selling and Sales Management – Ensure a company’s products are effectively represented, sold, and serviced for customers

Retailing - Manage the operations of a retail store or chain, such as buying, merchandising, marketing, and human resources.

Career Information Web Links

Career Services at Texas State provides comprehensive assistance to students in each stage of their career development and utilizes the most current practices and technology. Marketing majors are encouraged to register with Career Services early in their college careers.  The office provides career counseling, job search preparation, placement services, career fairs, specialized seminars, and many other opportunities to enhance career plans and improve employment prospects. Additional online resources include:

     - Careers in Marketing

             -Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

             -Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives

             -Retail Sales Workers

             -Purchasing Managers, Buyers, and Purchasing Agents

      - Careerjournal - Wall Street Journal

             -Marketing Salary and Hiring Information

     - Brint - Information Professional's Career Page

     - Marketingpower - American Marketing Association

     - Marketingjobs - Marketing, sales and advertising jobs

     - Nationjob - Marketing and Sales

     - Worldpublicopinion - The World's Market Research Website

Internship Opportunities and Guidelines

The Marketing Department strongly encourages its majors to complete an internship during your junior or senior year. Internships provide students with the connections, expertise and experience they need to be competitive in the work force. Texas State marketing students have interned at companies such as Dell, GSD&M Advertising Agency, Sicola-Martin Advertising Agency, Cintas, Wells Fargo Financial Services, Capitol Records, McCoy Corporation, IBM, Merrill-Lynch, American Cancer Society, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Many students find that upon completing the internship, they have obtained the skills and insights they need to more effectively enter the job market. 

Marketing majors classified as juniors or seniors are eligible to enroll in Marketing 4399 (Internship) for three hours credit for approved internships. For information and approval, please contact Mrs. Judy Dietert, Assistant Chair of the Management Department, who handles the internship program for the Marketing and Management Departments.  Mrs. Dietert's direct line is 512-245-2659 and her email address is