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Student Guidelines

 Marketing majors with a sales concentration who are classified as juniors or seniors are eligible to enroll in MKT 4392 for three hours credit for approved sales internships.

 Students interested in a sales internship should fill out the internship inquiry form, and have it sent to Mr. Wayne Noll, sales internship coordinator. He can also be reached by email at if you should have any questions on internships. 

 The sales internship position must be approved by Mr. Noll.  The postings on our website are pre-approved. If the sales internship is not posted on our website, the student must submit a job description on company letterhead.  Responsibilities must be beyond the scope of the "average” part-time or temporary job.  Internship credit is allowed only for students who secure approval for their internship prior to beginning work with their supervising company.  

 The sales internship must be scheduled for a minimum of 10 weeks and 200 job hours during the fall or spring semester or 8 weeks and 160 job hours during the summer. The sales internship may be either full-time or part-time.

 Once the internship is approved by Mr. Noll, students will then be instructed to meet with Mrs. Cheryl Contreras, Administrative Assistant in the Marketing department, she is located on the 4th floor of McCoy, room 424. Mrs. Contreras will give you an override into the sales internship class, enabling you to register for the course.  

 It is the intern's responsibility to schedule his or her work hours around the class schedule.  Special registration considerations are not provided.

 Students may enroll in only three additional courses or 9 hours during a fall or spring internship or one additional course each session during a summer internship. 

 The sales internship may be either paid or non-paid.  This will be determined by the student and the supervising company.

 The student intern must submit all required reports in a timely manner to Mr. Noll

  1. Sales Intern Profile

  2. Three Monthly Progress Reports, including: an analysis of the history of the company; mission, vision, goals and objectives; marketing strategies; competitive analysis; management and leadership styles; human resources practices; the students job responsibilities and learning objectives for the internship; and other topics.

  3. Supervisor Evaluation

 The student intern must attend an orientation session and schedule a midterm visit with Mr. Noll and the intern’s supervisor.

 The orientation session, sales intern profile, monthly progress reports, and midterm visit count approximately 50% of the course grade; and the supervisor's evaluation counts approximately 50%.