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Marketing Internships

Mrs. Judy Dietert

Marketing Internship Coordinator

Department of Management

phone:  512.245.2659





Student Guidelines

  •   Management and Marketing majors who are classified as juniors or seniors are eligible to enroll in MGT 4395 or MKT 4399 for three hours credit for approved internships. 

  •  The internship position must be approved by Mrs. Dietert.  The postings on our website are pre-approved. If the internship is not posted on our website, the student must submit a job description on company letterhead.  Responsibilities must be beyond the scope of the "average” part-time or temporary job.  Internship credit is allowed only for students who secure approval for their internship prior to beginning work with their supervising company. 

  •  The internship must be scheduled for a minimum of 10 weeks and 200 job hours during the fall or spring semester or 8 weeks and 160 job hours during the summer. The internship may be either full-time or part-time.

  •  It is the intern's responsibility to schedule his or her work hours around the class schedule.  Special registration considerations are not provided.

  •  Students may enroll in only three additional courses during a fall or spring internship or one additional course each session during a summer internship. 

  •  The internship may be either paid or non-paid.  This will be determined by the student and the supervising company.

  •  The student intern must submit all required reports in a timely manner to Mrs. Dietert:

    • Intern Profile

    • Three Monthly Progress Reports, including: an analysis of the history of the company; mission, vision, goals and objectives; marketing strategies; competitive analysis; management and leadership styles; human resources practices; the students job responsibilities and learning objectives for the internship; and other topics.

    • Supervisor Evaluation

  •  The student intern must attend an orientation session and schedule a midterm visit with Judy Dietert and the intern’s supervisor.

  •   The orientation session, intern profile, monthly progress reports, and midterm visit count approximately 50% of the course grade; and the supervisor's evaluation counts approximately 50%.